2017 Bodhi Meditation Lunar New Year Gift Pack

Door Gods

The Golder Rooster will soon herald in a new Lunar Year, bringing along blessings for all.

A few days ago, many people have come to ask me after I brought out the bags of goodies, “How do I put up the printed Door Gods?” Let me teach you the correct way to put them up!

Is there an auspicious time to put up the printed Door Gods?

Many people believe that before ushering in the Chinese New Year, they need to put up the printed Door Gods on the door after spring cleaning, usually after the twenty-third day of the lunar twelfth month. People will paste them on the main entrance doors to welcome auspiciousness.

However, the most appropriate practice is to replace the portraits of the old printed Door Gods with new ones on Chinese New Year Eve, after all the spring cleaning has been done. This signifies welcoming of new Door Gods for protection and blessings in the coming New Year. People generally believe that if the portrait of the printed Door Gods is damaged or broken, it will lose its power. Hence, it is a common practice for the Chinese to replace their old printed Door Gods with new ones symbolising the ‘discarding of the old and welcoming in of the new in the New Year’, bringing peace, luck and auspiciousness.

Where should I paste the printed Door Gods?

Normally, people will paste them on the main entrance doors. If it is a single-family house garage, you can still paste them on the door. How do you differentiate between left and right? This is simple: white-faced General Qin Shubao on the right and black-faced General Yuchi Gong on the left. They are facing each other, meaning that together they will keep the demons and evil spirits away from this family. I hope they will protect your family the whole year round and bring great peace and auspiciousness!

The following is the benefit sharing of a fellow practitioner:

Early 2016, I just moved to a new home; shortly after that, I started to have all sorts of sicknesses. This not only happened to me but also my brother and my elderly mother, who injured her leg and subsequently it developed into serious cellulitis. During that period, everyone at home was perpetually on medication, the atmosphere was uneasy and I even felt dizzy every day.

By chance, I happened to bring up my family situation to a few dharma sisters in the meditation centre, and realised that my new home may have offended the “gate of evil” – a feng shui taboo. The dharma sister said to me: “It’s easy to solve this problem. Just get and paste the Bodhi’s printed Door Gods and it will get rid of the evil and bless the house with peace”. She also shared a lot of Bodhi extraordinary testimonies. That night I pasted the printed Door Gods on a few doors. True enough it really did not take long for my body to recover. I also slept extremely well at night, free from my headache and my face look radiant.

I was most grateful that the wound on my mother’s leg also began to heal shortly after pasting the printed Door Gods! As my mother suffered from diabetes, her leg wound was difficult to heal despite seeking all sorts of treatment. The day after the Door Guards were pasted, my mother found a good physician near our home. In my heart, I know for certain that it’s the Bodhisattva and the blessings of Master that are protecting my family, for which I am most grateful!

I would like to share this auspicious experience with all the friends and families, and I hope everyone can also obtain good fortune and health!

Bring a whole new set of printed spring couplets, Door Gods, wall calendar and table calendar back home. Wishing all of you a peaceful, healthy, prosperous and successful year of Rooster!