Story House

Two young men were very upset over all the obstacles they had encountered in their career. Together, they went to seek advice from a meditation master.
At the foot of a mountain a temple was nestled in a verdant valley, receiving rainwater that would flow down toward the back of the building. In an effort to better manage the rain they received, the abbot of the temple had the ground in the front y…
Su Dong Po, a famous Song Dynasty literary scholar, and the monk Fo Yin were good friends who often meditated together. One day when they were meditating Su Dong Po had an inspiration. After completing his meditation he asked Fo Yin, “What did you s…
One day, a Zen master named Xianya came across a bickering couple while he was on his way to preach dharma. Wife: What kind of husband are you? There’s not a shred of manhood in you! Husband: If you criticize me one more time, I’ll beat you up!
Long ago in a distant land there was a famous mountain upon which a temple was built. In the temple, there was an exquisitely carved Buddha statue. Every day, countless faithful, virtuous men and women took the hundreds of stone steps leading to the…
She was an IT professional who is young, well-mannered and highly intelligent, and was leading a luxurious and fashionable lifestyle. But all that changed when she walked into a casino one day…..
Confucius and his students were having a discourse. The students asked, “If I were to get hold of a huge sum of money, how should I handle it, my teacher?”
In ancient times there lived a well-known scholar. One of his students, who had studied with him for over 10 years, one day suddenly announced his sorrow to his teacher. “Oh, my goodness,” said the student. “I’m really miserable.”