Meditation & Health #15-Diabetes-Free After 40 Years


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After 40 Years


Challenges: arteriosclerosis,
diabetes, high blood pressure


       I suffered from diabetes for almost 40 years and I am 78 years old this year. When my blood-sugar level was out of control it would hit as high as 18mmol/L, three times the normal blood-sugar level in a healthy adult.

       As diabetes causes narrowing of blood vessels, it affected the blood circulation in my body and I was diagnosed with high blood pressure in 2014. My systolic pressure was 180-200mmHg.

      I also suffered from severe arteriosclerosis in my legs. Test results showed deteriorated vascular function in both. My left leg was very weak and painful during exertion.

       In October 2012, I went to the Vancouver Bodhi Meditation Center. I learned The Meditation of Greater Illumination, Energy Bagua and prostration. After the retreat,I continued to practice diligently every day. After a few months, my blood-sugar level dropped from 18mmol/L to 16mmol/L.Since then, it has gradually improved and now it is well controlled within the normal range with the help of a healthy, low-sugar diet. I am so happy that I’ve recovered from 40 years of diabetes.

       The pain in both of my legs due to arteriosclerosis has gradually subsided through the meditation practice, which has improved the blood circulation in my body. The pain was almost gone after attending another 8.5-Day Bodhi Meditation Health & Happiness Retreat in April 2015, where I received energy blessings from the teachers. My blood pressure declined to approximately 160mmHg. In September 2015, my blood pressure fell further to 140mmHg, within the normal range.

        In addition to the improvements in my overall health, I’ve also noticed an increase in hair growth, and my frequent involuntary head movement ceased. In the past, my whole body suffered a lot due to illnesses. Now, my condition has improved tremendously through dedicated practice.

        To date, I have attended seven Bodhi Meditation Retreats. I am deeply grateful for the health benefits Bodhi Meditation has brought to me. I will persevere with the practice.



Meditation & Health No 15 - Table of Contents