Meditation & Health #15-Goodbye to Gastritis Medication


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Goodbye to Gastritis Medication


Challenges: gastritis, depression, shoulder pain


     “Bodhi Meditation has helped me stitch the pieces of my life back together by opening my heart and mind to new experiences, giving me hope, and easing my physical and emotional pain.”


A Series of Miseries


       2012 was a year of miseries. I experienced weight loss which was later diagnosed as gastritis. It led to several health issues: stomach pain, indigestion, anxiety, irritability, anger, insomnia, and depression. Medication prescribed by a psychiatrist did not improve my mental condition; instead, it caused my legs to weaken.

     The following year, my gastroenterologist scheduled me for gallbladder surgery to improve my gastritis. After leaving the hospital, I stayed in a rehabilitation center. My weight dropped from 128 pounds to 80 pounds.I continued to spend a lot of time in hospitals all through 2014, with little improvement.

Easing My Pain, Finding Peace
and Health

     In early 2015, a friend gave me a copy of Meditation & Health magazine. I attended the 8.5-Day Health & Happiness Retreat. While practicing The Meditation of Greater Illumination, I felt at ease within my body and mind. I used to get into arguments with my parents. After they passed on, I was still unable to let go of my anger and pain. Through this meditation, I felt these issues slowly resolving.

      My daughter was still very young when she left with my ex-husband for the United States, while I stayed in Peru. Through living apart, we became distant and hurtful words had come between us. During a chanting session, I thought of my daughter and sought her forgiveness for being unable to take care of her all those years. As I made a passionate plea, a great sense of joy and serenity gradually filled my heart. Now, smiles come spontaneously when I see my daughter and granddaughter. I am always joking and laughing with them.

       After the retreat, I continued with group practice and learned the walking meditation Energy Bagua. Since then, my health has improved: My leg muscles are gaining strength and my shoulder pain has subsided considerably. This summer, I spent many enjoyable hours with my friends walking in the park, watching movies and attending festivals. I am starting to feel in love with life again.

       In March 2015, I was supposed to have surgery on an osteoclastoma (bone tumor). However, I decided against surgery, believing that meditation had the power to improve my condition. In October, I went for a CT-scan and was told by my doctor that my condition had indeed improved: No operation was required, and I was allowed to stop taking my acid-reflux and gastritis pills. My digestive function is normal again. By December 2015 I weighed 86 pounds, and my weight continues to gradually increase.

The Return of Laughter

        Years of taking antidepressants did not elevate my mood. In contrast, meditation made me feel relaxed, confident of my own abilities, happier and at ease. When I met up with my friends, they were surprised at the drastic changes in me, at my ready smile and joyous laughter. With the tremendous improvement in my mental and bodily health, joy and happiness naturally glow in me.

A New Understanding

     Bodhi Meditation has given me a new perception of life: I’ve learned to see life with positive eyes, to think before I react, and to always feel gratitude and compassion for all people, animals, and our Mother Earth. I listen and consider what others say before giving my opinion. These days, I respond to people with gratitude and well wishes.

      Bodhi Meditation has helped me stitch the pieces of my life back together by opening my heart and mind to new experiences, giving me hope, and easing my physical and emotional pain. Infused with gratitude, my meditation journey continues.



Meditation & Health No 15 - Table of Contents