Meditation & Health #19-Discovering Meditation


Meditation & Health No 19 - Table of Contents


Discovering Meditations



Perhaps the biggest blessing of all is that I have restored a loving relationship with my parents.

      I went abroad to the United States to study in August 2011. Alone and overwhelmed by the fast pace of life, I felt tremendous stress. The pressure mounted as I pushed myself to excel in all areas. I was overwrought to the extent that I couldn’t think clearly. I kept problems to myself to prevent my parents from worrying. Over time our communication became infrequent, and we drifted apart.

Change My Attitude, Change My Life

      After graduating in June 2015 I returned to Hong Kong. That’s when my mother introduced me to Bodhi Meditation. My initial take on meditation was that it was nothing more than sitting quietly in solitude without a mobile phone or laptop. I figured it would be impossible for an impatient person like me to keep still and disconnect from the world of technology to meditate. Despite my doubts, I listened to my mother and registered for the 8.5-Day Health & Happiness Retreat.

      With the intention to just explore, I didn’t take meditation seriously in the beginning. But observing the elderly participants around me practicing earnestly inspired me to change my attitude and I started to focus on my meditation practice with an open mind.

      During The Meditation of Greater Illumination. I became aware of past mistakes. Ignorance on my part had hurt my family and friends. Preoccupied with my university activities, I had neglected them. Overwhelmed with remorse, I cried uncontrollably. The tears seemed to wash away all my emotional baggage. Gradually, I felt a great sense of lightness and joy.

      I came to understand that my thoughts and intentions affect the outcome of every situation I encounter. Grandmaster JinBodhi’s teachings illuminated the beauty of giving and sharing, gratitude and tolerance. His wisdom also guided me to a greater appreciation of Mother Nature.

      Meditation has expanded my state of mind and enhanced my mental clarity. No longer always in a rush, I am now able to let my calm mind deal with matters with steadiness, objectivity, and gentleness.

      Perhaps the biggest blessing of all is that I have restored a loving relationship with my parents. Not only are we able to communicate openly, we attend the group practices and volunteer in Bodhi Meditation Center together. I want to continue this meditation journey to further explore the depths and wonders of the meditation world.


Meditation & Health No 19 - Table of Contents