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Bodhi Meditation Chanting Retreats

The Path to Transforming Life

Life is full of ups and downs; it is not always smooth sailing. In life, we have to make choices every day, facing difficulties and challenges. Sometimes, small matters become great annoyances.

How can we calm our body, mind and soul, and travel the journey of life more peacefully?

Come explore Bodhi Meditation Chanting Retreats. Through the practice of chanting, we learn gratitude and reverence, opening our mind and hearts, replenishing our energy and hope.

What is chanting? Learn more about chanting and mantras:

In our chanting retreats, you will also learn about life principles such as cause and effect. Start to transform your fate through correct action!

Chanting is a method of eradicating calamities, increasing good fortune, awakening wisdom, eliminating negative karma, obtaining joy and happiness, and restoring good health.

Over the years, Grandmaster JinBodhi has introduced a range of chanting and mantras, including:

Medicine Buddha’s Heart Mantra
Chanting to Avalokitesvara
The Earth Store Bodhisattva’s (Ksitigarbha) Heart Mantra
Chanting to Sakyamuni Buddha
Guru Rinpoche’s Heart Mantra
The Six-Syllable Mantra

Learn more about Grandmaster JinBodhi’s Chanting and Mantras:

There are also many interesting experiences shared by our practitioners regarding the effect of chanting. In short, the power of chanting is immeasurable — but only those who have experienced it first-hand know its secret wonders of it.

Enrich your life through chanting!

About Our Chanting Retreats

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Wondering what chanting is all about? If you answer “yes” to any of the following questions, chanting might be the right solution for you.

Are you facing issues you cannot solve by yourself?
Do you have something to pray for?
Are there things you are wishing to have?
Do you want help to get rid of your pain or suffering?

New to chanting but wanting to explore more? The Bodhi Meditation Chanting Retreat is a beginner-level retreat. Learn the fundamentals of chanting in this class, and simultaneously deepen your understanding of Buddhism.

If you wish to master the basics of chanting and purify your body and mind, this is the right retreat for you. If you want to understand causality and fate, take charge of your own fate, and transform your loved ones’ fates, join us in receiving obtain Buddha’s and Bodhisattvas’ blessings!

The Bodhi Meditation Chanting Retreat is 7 days in length, a total of 56 hours. Come prepared, and may all your wishes come true!

The Benefits of Chanting Retreats

Chanting Retreats 2

Bodhi Meditation Chanting Retreats yield many benefits. Chanting can uproot illnesses, quell disasters, increase longevity, and improve quality of life. Read our student testimonials below!

The right posture, method and mindset of chanting will be taught as well to ensure that you obtain maximum benefits from chanting.

Besides chanting, you will also have the opportunity to learn one of Bodhi Meditation’s main meditation techniques – The Meditation of Greater Illumination, which gives you a quick energy boost for health improvement.

By the end of our chanting retreats, you will understand causality and how to transform your fate, experience a heart full of reverence and gratitude, and grasp the fundamentals of self-cultivation.

On top of that, you will learn about Buddha, the purpose of Buddhadharma and the purpose of chanting. Chanting retreats enable us to connect, communicate, and receive blessings from Buddha and Bodhisattvas.

With the blessings of Buddha, our life journey will be filled with happiness, health, and auspiciousness. In addition, you will learn to have gratitude as well and pray for loved ones so that they may receive the Buddha’s blessings and thus be free from disasters.

Chanting Retreats: Student Stories

◎ End-of-Life Chanting and Light Offering: Sending Dad Off With Love

Life is full of uncertainties. Facing the death of loved ones can be overwhelming and painful. Besides grieving, chanting sincerely or making a light offering are alternative ways of expressing our precious and invaluable blessings to them. Let’s listen to our Taiwan practitioner, Yu Zeng’s touching story.

◎ 7-Day Chanting Retreats: Realization of My Parents’ Loving-Kindness

Life is full of uncertainties. Facing the death of loved ones can be overwhelming and painful. Besides grieving, chanting sincerely or making a light offering are alternative ways of expressing our precious and invaluable blessings to them. Let’s listen to our Taiwan practitioner, Yu Zeng’s touching story.

Chanting Retreats Reminders

Joining a chanting retreat is a wise choice to begin your meditation journey towards health and happiness. Here are a few reminders to keep in mind during meditation practice:

1. Loose-fitting clothing. Please wear loose-fitting clothing that is conducive to relaxation. This will make you feel comfortable when chanting and help you get into a state of relaxation easily.

2. Warm clothing. In order to keep you warm during the course, please prepare socks or any indoor footwear, as well as extra clothing for warmth such as a jacket or scarf.

3. Airflow. Avoid having the air conditioner or electric fan blowing directly on you while meditating. This is to prevent you from getting sick.

4. Diet. Please follow a light diet plan and avoid overeating throughout this meditation retreat. This helps reduce the burden on your stomach and calm your mind and body.

5. Phones off! Please switch your mobile phone to silent mode for the duration of the retreat to eliminate any unnecessary distractions. The key to chanting is sincerity and focus! Sit back, relax, quiet your mind and enjoy our 7-day chanting retreats to their fullest.


If you are interested in the Bodhi Meditation Chanting Retreat class, please contact your nearest Bodhi Meditation Centre, or visit Bodhi Meditation College online. You may also visit Grandmaster JinBodhi’s social platforms for more chanting resources:

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