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Meditation Retreats Specifications

  1. It is the most effective foundational meditation course, specially designed to increase physical and mental energy.
  2. Easy to learn methods that replenish energy quickly, improve suboptimal health, strengthen physical condition, and regulate emotions.

Meditation Retreats Are Suitable for:

  1. Those who wish to learn meditation;
  2. Those who wish to improve physical health and replenish energy;
  3. Those who wish to regulate emotions, and obtain peace, wisdom and spiritual growth.

Time: 8.5 days; total hours 67.5

The Benefits of Meditation Retreats

Participants will learn the core of Bodhi Meditation practices. They will understand and experience meditation in a systematic way which allows them to apply their newfound knowledge to everyday life. Participants undergo physical and mental transformations within a short time and obtain the energy which purifies body and mind.
small-lotus-icon Understand the basic concepts and important matters of meditation.
small-lotus-icon Learn meditation systematically: The Meditation of Greater Illumination (GI) and The Meditation of Purity are simple methods which spark a quick energy boost, transforming health physically and mentally.
small-lotus-icon Understand the energy of compassion, elevate self-cultivation, improve personal relationships, and elevate mental state.

Meditation Retreats:Practitioners’ Stories

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Meditation Retreats Reminders

  1. Wear loose-fitting clothing conducive to relaxation.
  2. Bring socks or any indoor footwear; bring extra clothing for warmth such as a jacket or scarf.
  3. During the retreat, please follow a light diet plan. Avoid overeating to reduce the burden on your stomach. This helps in calming your mind and body.
  4. Please switch your phone to silent mode for the duration of the retreat. Eliminating unnecessary distractions helps us to relax and quiet our mind.

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