Bodhi Meditation Brings You Health and Happiness

Bodhi Meditation advocates utilizing meditation to boost energy, inspire compassion, and relax body and mind to achieve lasting tranquility, good health and happiness. Meditation also helps us understand the Way of Nature. This understanding, when applied in daily life, aids in reducing stress and affliction. As such, we gain better interpersonal skills and live happier and more successful lives in our relationships and careers.

Boost energy. Gain health.
Meditation brings about mental and physical relaxation as the body absorbs, adjusts and balances energy. This in turn replenishes our vital energy, strengthens the body and enhances immunity.
Calm body and mind to unlock innate wisdom.
Meditation enables us to rid ourselves of life’s complexities and return to a state of simplicity. Through practicing meditation, irrational and chaotic thoughts are replaced by logical and sensible thoughts. Meditation also increases our fortitude, unlocks underlying potential, and enhances intuition and wisdom.
Open the door to compassion. Elevate state of life.
Integrating meditation and a compassionate heart into daily life helps us understand the Law of Nature and the art of conducting oneself well in society. We gain the ability to manage family life and a successful career.

When one person is healthy, a whole family’s happiness is enhanced.
When every family lives in happiness, the world will be a more beautiful place.

— Grandmaster JinBodhi 【 Bodhi Meditation’s Founder】

Grandmaster JinBodhi

Grandmaster JinBodhi was born in 1964 to a poor family and suffered ill-health from a young age. Through practicing meditation, which he began to do in childhood, he achieved a healthy body and mind and also gained the ability to help people set themselves free from suffering. In order to help bring health and happiness to all tormented by illness, pain and affliction, Grandmaster JinBodhi founded Bodhi Meditation on August 3, 1991. Since then, he has been spreading the teachings of Bodhi Meditation around the world, helping countless people enjoy healthy lives.


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Grandmaster JinBodhi advocates the creation of a healthy and happy lifestyle through practicing meditation and compassion. So far, Bodhi Meditation has spread to more than 50 countries and regions around the world, benefiting tens of millions of people.

Meditation and Health

Meditation is the path to a healthy life as it is a comprehensive solution for a wide-ranging array of barriers to good health. Meditation increases our energy level, improves immunity, helps us lose weight, resolves insomnia, normalizes blood lipid, sugar and pressure levels, and even prevents cardiovascular diseases. Stories abound of meditation’s positive impact on people’s lives. Participants in Bodhi Meditation retreats around the world often report surprising transformations in their health during the course of the retreat.

Boost Immunity

Many people are suffering from heavy stresses, emotional upheavals, excessive fatigue, irregular schedules, etc., all of which weakens the immune system. Practicing meditation is a great way to replenish vital energy and boost immunity.

Weight Loss

Working hard to lose weight with minimal results? Quickly regaining weight? Feeling exhausted physically and mentally? Meditation practice is an easy and relaxing way to get healthy and fit. You’ll start to glow and feel radiant from the inside out.

Alleviate Insomnia and Reduce Stress

Insomnia is mainly caused by mental stress. Poor sleep and groggy mornings mean both the brain and body lack much-needed rest. Practicing meditation changes our brain activity for the better, reducing stress and alleviating insomnia.