Meditation for Weight Loss

Meditation for Weight Loss

There are numerous weight-loss strategies and slimming products available in the market nowadays. Nevertheless, there is a natural, healthy and sustainable way to lose weight, which is through meditation. Meditation for weight loss can aid in weight loss, offering a path to happiness, energy and a fit, strong physique.

Bodhi Meditation for Weight Loss Builds Healthy and Fit Figures

Meditation for Weight Loss
What is meditation? Is meditation helpful for weight loss? Meditation is a technique that enables us to profoundly change our eating habits. By practicing meditation, we replace mental distractions with an awareness rooted in the present, even if those current feelings are uncomfortable.

This groundedness allows us to accurately identify our hunger and satiety, preventing us from succumbing to cravings because we don’t need food to cope anymore. On top of that, the meditation reduces stress, trains you to be open-minded and rational in accepting your feelings, and helps you to avoid emotional eating.

Does weight loss meditation work? Some of our students have successfully lost 10 kilograms after 3 months of meditation practice. Several of them have experienced spontaneous fasting or a natural gravitation to a grain-free diet.

Some meditation practitioners experienced spontaneous fasting whereby, without the conscious decision to, they do not eat, are not hungry, and do not experience negative side effects from fasting. While in a fasting state, spontaneous fasters are full of energy. This energy is obtained from Nature and the Universe, feeding and nourishing our body. As a result, some are able to lose weight and detoxify their body in a healthy way.

In fact, spontaneous fasting is a widely-recognized phenomenon of meditation that can bring unbelievable health effects.

Spontaneous fasting occurs due to health needs that you might not even know or be aware of. It is a natural, unpredictable, and temporary period of health adjustment which occurs without conscious effort. We can encounter such a phenomenon through cultivation and communicating with the compassionate Buddhas, Bodhisattvas, and deities, and wishing to regain good health.

Bodhi Meditation for Weight Loss Builds Healthy and Fit Figures

Meditation for Weight Loss: The Influence of Diet on Obesity

‘You are what you eat.’ There is no doubt that health and dietary habits are highly related. Your relationship with food can have a great impact on your physical health, mental health, and overall well-being.

Having good physical and emotional health is crucial in daily life. When you are emotionally unstable, it affects your relationship with the people around you. When emotional issues and daily stresses are thrown into the mix, overeating can become a coping mechanism. As time goes by, eating past fullness may lead to more health issues, including obesity.

‘Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food.’ How much food you eat, the quality, the variety, how it’s prepared, and how fast you eat it can all impact your health and weight. For example, chronic overeating may not only indicate physical and emotional imbalances, but also be a major determinants of obesity.1

How can we fight against obesity and regain a healthy weight? We all want to feel good about our weight, mentally, emotionally, and physically.

This is where guided meditation for weight loss will come in handy as meditation and weight loss are interconnected. The key to successful weight loss is to change the habit of eating. Easier said than done, right?

Don’t despair! Meditation can help you lose weight without the struggle.

Meditation for Weight Loss: Eat Mindfully to Lose Weight

Mindful eating, a meditation for weight loss method, has become a popular concept in recent years. How do we include mindful eating in our daily practices? Pay attention to your food, eat slowly, savor each bite, and eat without distractions. It is about being present in the moment, instead of being distracted by your TV, cell phone, or your emotions.

Being aware of your hunger and fullness is a basic principle of mindful eating. Mindfulness helps us be aware of how our body is feeling, instead of clouding our perception with uncontrollable emotions.2

The goal of mindful eating is for you to focus on being aware of your sensory perception of eating, to encourage you to be fully present in the moment.3 Although losing weight is not the purpose of mindful meditation, it is a common side effect, as mindfulness helps people avoid overeating.4


Research showing that meditation is beneficial for your health has evidenced positive long term effects on your fitness level and figure, vitality, skin and sleep quality. But where do we begin? How do we meditate for weight loss? What are the strategies for reaping the benefits of meditation?

Meditation for Weight Loss: The Strategy

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