Music Alchemy

Master JinBodhi: I really like this song.It has a deep artistic meaning. When I sing it, I try to immerse myself in this meaning, and express this meaning through my voice in order to allow people to understand the essence of “Chán”.
Master JinBodhi: As the moon wanes, my thoughts and hope for everyone resurface; As the moon waxes, there are my sincere blessings and well wishes to everyone. Indeed, it is so. To me, the moon is like a longed-for home, filled with sentiments.
Recorded on June 6, 2007: Master JinBodhi performed this song during a Second Level Bodhi Mediation Retreat in Vancouver, Canada. We specially recommend this song to you in hopes that you will listen closely in appreciation and be awakened.
Master JinBodhi: I wrote this song. It holds loving guidance for everyone: Face the world with an open mind; don’t envelop yourself in hostility and antagonism; don’t defend yourself with selfishness and narrow-mindedness; don’t hurt those around yo…