Looking for ways to root out stubborn acne that never seems to go away? Acne is a sign that our body isn’t completely healthy. We may break out because of poor eating habits, poor sleep, bacteria in our makeup, or even volatile emotions. For example, we all know that stress causes breakouts, but how can we get a grip on our own tangled thoughts? How can we get glowing skin when diet, sleep, and exercise still don’t seem to be working?

Calm your skin by calming your mind and replenishing your energy. It’s time to adopt a practice to help manage those stress levels throughout life’s unexpected events. Meditation can bring real mental and physical changes to your health, improving your appearance from the inside out. Curious to know what clear skin meditation can do for you? Let’s find out.

Why Does Meditation Matter For Acne?

There are many different reasons behind an acne breakout, which also vary from person to person. Everyone has a different skin type, with different lifestyles, environments, and eating habits. Thus, not everyone faces the same types of acne problems.

But clear skin meditation has been a reliable source of inhibiting acne growth because it’s a holistic adjustment and re-balancing of our physical and mental health, including boosting immunity and reducing stress in our daily lives. When we are happy and healthy, our face has a natural glow.

How To Get Rid Of Acne With Meditation?

Studies have shown that meditation is a silver bullet to cure many medical conditions. Since we are focusing specifically on skin health and skin problems, let’s take a look at how clear skin meditation can help your acne disappear:

Consistent Meditation Practice

People often want to lose weight but don’t want to cut down on the junk portions in their meals because they are used to it. In the same way, many people want to get rid of their acne but aren’t willing to make clear skin meditation a consistent habit. While it may take some time to get used to building it into your daily routine, clear skin meditation can help you fix your skin while saving thousands of dollars on skincare products and treatments, with the added benefit of improving your all-around health. Hopefully, you are willing to commit to making this lifestyle change.

However, suppose you have been fighting acne for a long time and have tried everything possible. In that case, an intensive routine of clear skin meditation might exceed your expectations. Meditation has proven to extensively relieve stress, the most wanted criminal in the list of acne-promoting factors. In other words, meditation for clear skin will have to show results in calming your mind and relaxing your body from within.

Take a look at this fantastic testimonial recommendation from one of our students about her experience with meditation:

“My skin got healthier, I shed almost 10 pounds, and my overall health improved after just 20 days of practicing prostration. My facial skin used to be rough and puffy. At this point, the pores are much smaller, and the skin’s texture is smooth and supple.”

a woman practicing clear skin meditation

A Healthy, Balanced Diet

Your eating behaviors also decide the future of your glowing skin – and the next outburst of your painful acne. The saying “you are what you eat” applies to skin health too. When you only eat oily takeout, processed foods, or carbs, fat, and sugar, you rightly become a couch potato with lousy skin.

To kick the acne off your face with clear skin meditation techniques, combine it with healthy, fresh, and nutritious ingredients. Don’t know what food gives the best outcomes when paired with a clear skin meditation routine? Then allow us to give you some quick recommendations.

Instead of stir-frying, baking, roasting, and deep-frying your vegetables, include mostly steamed, boiled, and fermented vegetables in your meals. At the same time, reduce excessive oil, fat, and butter intake. Also watch out for foods that are considered by traditional Chinese medicine to have “hot” or high “heat” characteristics, including crackers, burgers, fries, barbecue, pizza, and durian, or too much cheese, meats, or nuts.

At the same time, avoid consuming a lot of raw vegetables. Raw vegetables may have more worms, bacteria, and fertilizers that weren’t killed in the cooking process and can be highly risky for your health. If you want to eat raw vegetables, consider garlic and chilies to flavor an organic vegetable platter. This traditional method of eating raw vegetables is seen in many different Asian cultures and can help kill some of the bacteria in raw vegetables.

In general, you should avoid eating seafood. If you have skin problems but continue to eat seafood, you may experience skin discoloration within five minutes of eating the seafood.

Regular Exercise

Last but not least is the undeniable aspect of regular exercise. Exercise improves blood circulation and boosts endorphins, leaving a radiant glow on your face. Regular physical activity can also supplement clear skin meditation in reducing your acne breakouts. You can balance out your blood sugar levels effectively to maintain acne-free skin for a long time.
One individual said that his child’s skin disease, which may have been psoriasis, has been treated to a large extent through Energy Bagua and prostrations. Adding a few additional techniques, such as running, to their daily routine may continue to help their skin issues.

Increasing the amount of exercise you do helps build up internal heat in your body. Run for anywhere between 30-40 minutes per day, morning or night. It’s possible that you won’t be accustomed to it at first. You’ll have back pain and fatigue. But these sensations modify the fundamental composition of our body and cause it to produce more heat. You will feel cheerful and energetic throughout the day, especially after boosting the number of calories you burn in the morning. The act of moving itself, which generates energy, brings enjoyment.

How Exactly Does Meditation Help Your Skin?

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Some substantial factors of how meditation for clear skin can benefit your lifestyle are below:

Stress Buster

Whether it’s acne or a significant body wound, being under any stress slows down your body’s ability to self-heal. Stress hormones can trigger oil glands, increasing the chances that bacteria and debris will clog up your pores and cause a breakout. In fact, your acne might worsen if you don’t gain control over your current emotional state.

Since you can’t stop stressing overnight, and acne won’t disappear overnight, why not try something that gives you the upper hand over both of these problems? Our emotions are very important. Meditation is one of the best methods to improve our mood. Through emotional regulation and an overall rebalancing of your health, clear skin meditation techniques can help you avoid acne breakouts and achieve healthy skin.

Improve Sleep Quality

You would probably have heard the phrase “beauty sleep.” Whoever said it first might know a thing or two about skin health being related to sleeping habits! Yes, the duration and quality of your sleeping hours substantially impact your skin health.

That’s why people with insomnia often struggle with persistent skin conditions. Dark circles are common knowledge, but did you know that eczema, psoriasis, and atopic dermatitis are related to chronic insomnia? A poor night’s sleep can immediately result in dry skin, dull skin, wrinkles, blotches, blemishes, and pigmentation, as lack of sleep makes your skin more acne-prone and sensitive to allergens. Sleep deprivation lowers the production of collagen in your body, which leads to skin with insufficient elasticity. Imagine your skin being unable to stretch like before and getting stuck instead of bouncing back to its place. Even the thought of it is frightening, isn’t it?

Thankfully, clear skin meditation has helped many people improve their sleep. Whether you only occasionally have trouble falling asleep, experience frequent nighttime urination, or are struggling with decades of insomnia, meditation can help improve the quality and restfulness of your sleep.

Sleep Music: 8 Hour Deep Sleep Music

Improve Your Dietary Habits

Sleeping soundly at night and practicing clear skin meditation during the day might help regulate your eating habits. Having healthy sleep patterns means that leptin and ghrelin, your appetite and hunger hormones, are properly regulated. Whether it’s one night of sleeplessness or chronic insomnia, these two hormones will start signaling that the body needs energy, often leading to overeating and poor nutrition choices.

In addition, it is imperative to eat a healthy, balanced diet. Dietary extremes lead to illness. Severe skin problems can be caused by eating too much of one kind of food. For example, acne can be caused by mites on the skin from excessive sugar intake. One girl who only eats fruit may develop this kind of acne due to the high sugar content in food, even though fruit is considered a ‘healthy’ food. A balanced diet is key. Meditation for clear skin can also effectively control food cravings, emotional eating, and binge eating.

Meditation for acne-free skin beauty

Slow Down the Aging Process

One of the most magical wonders of the clear skin meditation method is that it can slow down your aging. Don’t believe us? Back in 2020, a report was published by the Center for Healthy Minds at the University of Wisconsin-Madison. Although it took a while for them to figure out the secret of aging, what they found was completely worth the time. According to CNN, it was discovered that the daily intensive meditation of the monk slowed down his aging process by as much as eight years when compared to a control group.

Enhance Self-Awareness

Besides regulating dealing with stress, sleep, and diet to fix, which causes ultimate anxiety, and fixing your various skin-related issues simultaneously, clear skin meditation also enhances self-awareness. And yes, you can even call it a practice to connect with your inner soul.

To put it plainly, it makes you more aware of your thoughts and actions and gives you a sense of being more in command of your feelings and emotions. Awareness of oneself means focusing more on the inner spiritual response than other external factors. What’s more critical in self-awareness is prioritizing your peace of mind.

When your concentration becomes so unshakable that you can genuinely get a hold of your wandering thoughts without being distracted by the surrounding, that’s when you feel the harmonization to the present moment with peace and mindfulness.

Clear Skin Meditation – Final Thoughts

After getting a glimpse into the many benefits that clear skin meditation has to offer your skin, mind, health, and life, it’s time to consider adopting this practice. Before the situation becomes overbearing and you realize that it’s too late to back down, a wise move here would be to join a meditation organization to help you manage your stress and associated problems.

Bodhi Meditation teaches different meditation techniques (including clear skin meditation) to people in more than 50 countries worldwide. Feel free to contact us today, no matter what stage of life you are at, and what skin-related conditions (or other health concerns) you are facing.