Zeng Hang   |   Malaysia

During my younger years, I worked in the seafood industry. I was very busy, especially during the harvesting seasons. Standing or squatting for long hours put a lot of stress on my knees and prompted the start of my health problems.

Numb Leg and Cold Limbs

Twenty years ago, my right knee suddenly became swollen while I was at work. It was so painful that I could not walk. The doctor diagnosed it as rheumatism. With injections and medications, the swelling and pain diminished, but my right leg gradually became numb. Every time I tried to squat, I would feel a tightness at my tailbone (caudal vertebrae). I had to sit on a chair to work. My condition seriously affected my life.

About six years ago, I became extremely sensitive to cold. My hands and feet were icy cold most of the time. I would need to put on a long-sleeve shirt and warm pants before entering an air-conditioned room or I would feel so cold I would vomit. I could not consume any cold food or food cool in nature.

Fatigue plagued me too. I constantly felt tired and sleepy even with long hours of rest. My overall health seemed on a steady decline.

Warming Up

In October 2016, I came across a group of people practicing Energy Bagua. When I heard that Energy Bagua helps one to keep fit and healthy, I decided to join them. I was pleasantly surprised that this gentle and soothing exercise could make me perspire profusely. It was unusual for me to sweat. The more I practiced Energy Bagua, the more energetic I felt. I was slowly getting back to health and feeling more relaxed. After about two months, I only needed seven hours of sleep and I would be full of zest all day. In the course of regularly walking Energy Bagua, my hands and feet warmed up. Half a year later, I was able to wear short-sleeve shirts in air-conditioned rooms. I also started to savor some cold foods.

Comfort and Mobility

In September 2017, I participated in the 8.5-Day Health & Happiness Retreat. During the first day of retreat, I realized that I could not sit cross-legged for more than 10 minutes. My tailbone felt tight, and my right leg was numb and sore. However, both issues were resolved through the retreat.

On the fourth day, while in the process of receiving an energy blessing, there was a sudden unusual pain in my tailbone and right leg, especially in the calf. The pain subsided when the energy blessing ended.

On the sixth day, I started to feel an excruciating pain in my tailbone and right leg when the energy blessing began. I felt a strong flow of energy through my spine, down to my right leg, and out through the base of my foot.

During this process, there was also a feeling of a huge rock sinking into my chest. It felt cooling.

I silently endured the torturous pain with the thought that all the cold and dampness in my body was being purged. Indeed, the pain was eliminated and I felt relaxed, a feeling which I had never experienced previously. All the internal dampness that had contributed to my poor health was gone.

Since then, the numbness in my right leg and the tightness of my tailbone are history. I am able to sit cross-legged in excess of two hours. Moreover, I can squat and do deep stretching exercises with ease now.

Health and Joy

Since the retreat, I have continued practicing Energy Bagua every morning. In the evenings, I practice The Meditation of Purity or full prostration. I am currently an assistant Energy Bagua teacher, and I also volunteer cleaning services at the meditation center.

It is indeed the greatest blessing to know Bodhi Meditation. I actively share Bodhi Meditation with everyone I meet. Thanks to Bodhi’s practices, I feel joyous and carefree.